Yes!! Give us more of an insight to your soul, Toni!

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Damnnnn she sounds so good in the studio. I can't wait for this album!!

i love it. we will finally get to hear what Toni has to say. i'm so excited for this new album!

omg is it on Youtube ?

This is so bitter sweet to me....

She sounded fab. It looked so effortless. Ooooooohhhhh I cant wait!

I'm in heat...her singing gave me a little chill!!!!

I'm glad I got to see Toni in the studio recording. I'm glad that she is writing more on this album...some of my favorite songs from Toni are the ones she wrote/ co-wrote (How Many Ways, How Could An Angel Break My Heart, Best Friend, Trippin, Maybe, Speaking in Tongues, etc). I am also looking forward to hearing her new single "I Heart You" later this month.

How can i see the video?

It's nice to see her in the studio playing around on the keyboard with chords.  She is a songwriter, afterall!

 I think she need to work on her own album and stop letting people write for her.

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