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Anyone noticed her wedding ring!!!



Luvtoni85 said:

Anyone noticed her wedding ring!!!

Folks going in on her red panties lol. Guys and girls...I think they were purposely worn ha. 

Exactly, this is not her being desperate. She has been doing this for years. I just want her to do some new poses or none at all. All in all, she knows exactly what she's doing...make them talk Toni.

Akari said:

Some are calling her desperate and saying that the dress is not age-appropriate too. Had this been Halle Berry people would be raving, and she's older than Toni by a year. If you got it, which she does, flaunt it!
Kaci said:

Folks going in on her red panties lol. Guys and girls...I think they were purposely worn ha. 


toni u r the bomb

is there anymore pic of her in this dress


SERVE the gurls Toni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... She looks amazing!!!!!

I think she looks good. I saw the pictures of the front of the dress where you can see the red panties. I think if this was Toni 10 years ago fashion-wise she would have never done that. I think she did wear a few dresses like that in the 90s to award shows. She would have on black panties to match but other than that she looks great. I have not read anywhere where people were saying she should dress "age-appropriate" because the dress is fabulous...I think the main criticism was that she should have had on black panties and not red. In the pic above I cannot tell she has on red and she looks great so I guess it is only when the photos from the front of the dress that make it obvious.

Toni Braxton masters her Dr. Evil "Who, meee?" pose at an event in L.A.

All you GPOY-ers that spent hours mastering your sultry lip pout in the mirror gone and wasted your time, 'cause Toni Braxton's launching the next sexy pose: the "Who, meee?" But we can't give her all the credit -- see Dr. Evil from "Austin Powers."

The "Hands Tied" singer attended The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees' Night 2012 in LA last night and instead of letting her outfit get all the attention, girl went and added a little extra face to guarantee no one missed her presence. It worked because we can't stop staring at how STUNNING she looks. We're not gonna age drop, but girl's music career has been around since the late '80s, and she's still looking fly as hell.

We just hope her pose catches on so Tyra Banks makes mastering the "Toni" one of her challenges on next season's "America Next Top Model" -- smizing totally needs some updating.

Photo cedit: Getty Images

Once again, speechless!

Toni looked really good. She has one of the best back poses..EVER.

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