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im glad they will be there & v happy theyll be presenting


tonis new album

braxtons album

Congrats to Trina for graduating. I was planning on not watching the EBT awards tonight but I guess I will give it a chance this year since Toni is going to be on the show.
MJB gave me a headache!
Me too! And Anita just doesn't have it anymore! Idk who was worst her or Mary! SMH

Dzemil said:
MJB gave me a headache!

MJB killed all my brain cells in 10 sec, I didn't even notice AB was on there had to turn it off.

Both of them are washed up.


MJB looked like she was about to ski down a hill. 

Toni dind't feel like singing. lol
Oh was that what that was? As much as I hate to admit it Tamar carried that song with the notes, then Toni came in at the end! lol

Dzemil said:
Toni dind't feel like singing. lol
the braxtons sang?
They all sounded great and I like all their dresses. I was really hoping they would have asked Toni to do a tribute to Patti. She would have definitely been great singing one of Patti's songs. Unfortunately, the award show as a whole was ghetto and I only watched to see the Braxtons.

here is it! thanks to my good friend Jördele!



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