So on Bille Woodruff's youtube page it says I heart you is the first single to her name album Gemstone

Im sooooo confused lol

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I prefer Gemstone.

I like the simple "Heartstrings" title.

Billy said:

I prefer Gemstone.

I hate "Gemstones" WTH is her managemnet company doing or thiking?  Side note while although  I like the single she needs atleast a top 10 pop hit! Perferably #1 to make this album an success. So le't get her connected with some hit makers and not you know who! *he shall remain nameless*

Idk either. I just want her to continue making good music. I have a strong feeling shes gonna have huge success with this record and album...

As odd "Heartstrings and Synagogue Vibes" sounded, I still preferred it over "Gemstone" or "Heartstrings" in that it's a really unique album title. Then again, Toni's catalog does tend towards one-word titles ("Secrets" "Libra" "Pulse"). If that were the case, I would have loved to have had "More Than a Woman" retain it's original title of "Amplified."

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