Is it time for Toni to give Billie Woodruff a break?

I want feedback. Lol Say what you think. I won't judge. Promise! =)

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it is.

Sure.  As long as she works with video-hitmakers, artistic visions that are innovative and strong. It has been a lot of woodruff videos!  Not that he isnt good, he is, and I know they are long time friends.  That may be the problem, either that or Toni fears he is the only one that knows how to shoot her. Who knows? But this record needs changes, like so far I love the choice in song and title for the album. I LOVE the long hair right now and the short-but for the video, i didnt see the need for the short hair tan dress look. It was cute, but why didnt they just leave that out? It wasnt effective, it was just another outfit change in a white room.  Beginning of video with the fantasizing was GREAT and the guy is sick hot! Toni looks incredible and that look goes with the music.  Short hair with pink is cool, just not my fav look. Love the black dress too and how she is dancing around freely.  Toni needs to work with many artists!

YES YES YES... Sorry Billie but a comeback video like this? Really Billie? Reeaally!!!!!  Where is He wasn't a man enough inspiration...I think you need a break.


I think it was good. U guys have to.remember Toni is on a budget. Shes independent now so they could only do it so much. I think the video shoulda been like Toni and the guy looking at eachother from across the club and everyone is cut out of the scene in the beginning except for Toni and the eye candy then when the beat starts then put all the ppl back in and get that party started!!! Really not much need for all the costume changes but eh. The vid is out just to ensure mote rotations on the radio. Hope it works. I heart Toni Braxton.

I really liked the video & the inspriation. it felt very modern & current. I prefer it to her previous videos. i.e  Yesterday, Hands Tied & Make My Heart.



I agree but if Toni is going to stay sort of an independent artist, since she is signed on the Collective, videos costs are going to be expensive on Toni. It is possible Billie did this video as a favor for Toni. My advice to Billie is: DO BETTER!

He is very talented and capable of a much better video than this, even on a budget. Many of the cheapest made videos end up being very great (for example Kelis's videos from her last album and Beyonce's videos from B'Day). It all comes down to the director. Toni should be very easy to make a video for...she looks great and she is very experienced in working the camera and posing.

Hell Yes,
He has only one concept, gay guys dancing and Toni in skimpy clothes.
It is so fast paced that you have to watch it over and over to see everything.
Why in hell did she have that headdress on ? I think it was very weak.
Billie needs to evolve, Toni is a grown ass woman ! ! !
Love Billie. He's the one who can show the best side of Toni. However he ONLY SHOWS THIS ONE SIDE not allowing her to have a different image/concept but what she's using since I first knew her.
she shouldn't stop working with him, but trying another director once in a while would be good for her :)
loved I heart you video, her hair, her face, all of that dancers (they were better than the make my heart ones), love her outfits, love the feeling it all gives together. however the editing is not that good and that white all over the place wasn't a good choice.
I'm really glad to see new material!

I heart you, Toni <3

there's just two questions remaining: WHO'S THAT GUY AND WHY DOES HE'S NOT ON MY BED RIGHT NOW???

I loved the Make My Heart and Hands Tied videos. I felt he was soooo on point with those. When I saw the long hair in I Heart You in the beginning I thought we had another smash video.... I just don't think the short hair goes with this song. Toni is beautiful either way, don't get me wrong. There should have been way more shots of Toni dancing in the black with the long hair. I can't understand why he didn't include more of her dancing. I know she wasn't bad.


But hey, I'm glad to have another video.

Its called being on a budget...  I'm sure Billie can direct a GREAT video, if he had more money.

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