Toni Braxton teases her upcoming album with this new single “I Heart You.” The song was produced and written by Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis. Braxton is currently signed to the Collective label.

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Just as long as she doesn't try to dance to this lol 


It getting good reviews


What an amazing dark sultry dance masterpiece!


Toni voice is not only crystal clear but it's also above the music which is very hard to do on this type of R&Bish dance track but of course we all know that from the crap that is out there on the radio today!


I must say Keri did his thangggggg for sure and even though for me it doesn't sound radio friendly I do think Toni has/will shock a lot of people who might have expected a wearker vocal! So now everyone can calm down a little bit because clearly Toni's voice is STILL THERE!


She will always be a "ballad making goldmine" but I love it! Great job Ms. Braxton we all heart you!


-Leilani <3

So I finally was able to download it on my Blackberry...what I can say is Wow..Toni braxton slayed the song....she is really versatile ....

I like!!!

To be honest, i love her voice, strong as she was back in tne day... But the dance beat i don't really diggin in it... And i just imaging the out off breath or lip-synching performance  cause don't get me wrong guy  but sometimes her illness mess with her... I just cross my finger, and i hope she will come with a solid balad and mi-tempo that made her root.

But over all, the song has a potential to become number 1... And i'm happy for that.

I lo-ove it ♪ I lo-ove it♪ HA HA.

Oh my God, she had me fooled! I was waiting for a boring ballad and... THIS! Now, THIS is the way to goooooooo! She updated her sound, a very smart move. I hope she sells a bajillion albums, digital or otherwise.

Taken from her tribute page: Toni Braxton (Toni Braxton Tribute)

"Guys it's not the "Original Version" they 're still fixing it ...Toni is very hardworking so the Single will be released in 2 weeks...
Just wanna let you know that; there will be 10 Songs in the Next Album and only 3 are Dance Music ...R'N'B will be a part of the Album so don't freak out LOOL !
3 Remixes will be includes as well ! 
Come on be Kind for her Comeback , she 's Back for you , ONLY FOR YOU ...So have some Respect !
Cordially The Art Director !"

This is dope!!

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