It was amazing, amazing, she started with HWME, then did Making me high, then did a medley of different first album songs, then breathe again, spanish guitar, please, unbreak my heart, I HEART YOU, let it flow and unbreak my heart again!!!!!

she kept going off an on the stage coz people were screaming, she wanted to sing the dance version of Unbreak my heart but the dj didn't have it. and most amazingly, it drizzled in the middle of the concert, and she got so happy coz she thinks its good luck.

TRINA and TOWANDA were backup, they were fantastic, trina specially was so cute, responding with the audience and smiling, she blew us kisses and winks, however toward was solid as a rock hehe she refused to smile or look at anyone even though i was screaming her name


did i mention i was first line at stage and they were incredibly close?


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thanks for the review and pics wow I cant believe she performed please thats cool

m sorry... did i say PLEASE, i meant YESTERDAY lol sorry still woozy from the show lol

LOL glad you had fun...I know that feeling I was on a Toni High for hours after the concert

Congrats man! Im so jealous right now! 

she also sang how could an angel break my heart ill upload the video in a week or so, after coming back from my trip

another sad love song

Thank u for sharing...thats my Toni <3

Thanks for the review! I'd be so happy if someone recorded "Please" from the concert!

haha that's awesome, M.

Great photos and videos. :)

Great camera! Which one did you use?

fuzzpaul said:

haha that's awesome, M.

Great photos and videos. :)

i think its the new sony hehe I'm not sure what's its name... i think it had to do more with me being close than the camera hehe

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