Did anyone see this guy butcher Toni last night. He said he felt like he was channeling Toni while he sang..lol


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Props to him representing our Lady!!!!

He has good taste! And said some nice things about her vocal delivery.

Even J.Lo was humming her songs. :lol

LOL, he was funny. Well I can't be mad, he sung Toni. Shows his heart was in the right place.


Glad to see someone singing Toni on the show. Not particularly a good rendition, although that's how I sound when I sing to Toni in the car, lol.

I was thinking to myself, I hope I don't sound like that when I sing my Toni songs in my car.

Im sure you do @ Dzemil! ha ha ha...

lol I know I dont sound like that. Lokml. I actually have a lol talent. Hehe

i know i can sing UBMH excellent! I can hit all the high notes. lol

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