Braxton Family Values: Episode 6 - Getting the Band Back Together


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I'm excited to see that!
I'm excited for everything that's happening for them.  Did you guys notice Keri was on the show?  Did my eyes deceive me when I thought I saw him?

Does anyone know where I can watch the full episode from last night?


Have the Braxtons been recording secretly, getting ready to release an album when this series finishes?

Did they stop uploading the episodes on youtube? I want to see it but I just can´t find it! Please help!

is anyone going to post it.  I missed the show
anybody want to see braxton show. just type braxton family vaules 1 season episode 6.  that grape juice
loved it can't wait for the next episode
Click on channel then television n look for braxton
It better cus there no cuts its all on 1 stream

Dior Summers said:

Does anyone know where I can watch the full episode from last night?


Toni din't want to be on every track when it came to the Braxton's album - because she don't want to jeopardize anything with her own career. My thought was "Well why not, it's not like there's much going on at the moment anyway"..

I prefer a solo album from Toni over The Braxtons, but if she's not going to release anything anytime soon - then I might as well comfort myself with some harmonies..

this show is getting interesting with every episode =) there was less drama this week but nevertheless it was interesting (cant believe im hooked to a reality show)

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